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After a year of talking about going to Hoof Cafe, we finally made the trek downtown to one of the busiest brunch spots in Toronto. It was a cold to the bones -27 C with windchill day and we were determined to brave the temperature to go eat some delicious, hearty (meaty) food. While it was a bit of a turn off waiting an hour to get seated (we were ravenous), I’d say it was worth it. We got the Suckling Benny (mine! so delicious, and it was my first egg benedict), the Brat, Kraut & Eggs and the Waffles & Banana Bacon. I think we were all a bit too scared to try the French Toast foie gras that a lot of people raved about; it looked huge and I’m personally not a fan of liver anything. And of course, the one thing that we really, really, really wanted to try? The bone marrow donuts – they ran out of them by the time it was our turn to pig out.

I’d like to go again, but Hoof Cafe is now closing at the end of February to become Black Hoof & Co and it is most likely going to be at its busiest right now. I hope when it reopens the price won’t skyrocket, it’s already pretty pricey, for me anyway.




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  1. March 21, 2011

    I tried coming here again a few weeks ago but it was closed for renovations! My friend was so disappointed because we’ve been talking about coming here for a while now. I did come here for dinner some time last year and I gotta say, their food is so incredible! I didn’t get to try their bone marrow donuts either, lol. Next time!

    • March 21, 2011

      Hoof Cafe is definitely one of my favourite brunch I’ve had! Can’t wait to try their new menu when they open again.

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