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DT Bistro is the kind of place that I like to go to for atmosphere rather than the food. It’s such a quaint and cozy space with white walls and furniture that look absolutely gorgeous in daylight and elegant at night. They serve their teas in those clear glass cups and always seem to have Fleet Foxes on their playlist. While their pastries are quite good, I’m not entirely sold on their dinners just yet.

My friend was pretty patient with me as I took pictures. We were ravenous.

Bread and olives, ricotta cheese ravioli and mushrooms, herbed chicken & vegetables followed by an eclair and pear tart.




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  1. March 20, 2011

    Their desserts are amazing! I agree that their food isn’t as great either. Their focus is on desserts and they’re good at it, so that’s always a good thing :) I love your photos by the way!

    • March 20, 2011

      I think I’d like to try each one one day, it’s always so tough to choose. The photos were taken with an iPhone and the film lab app, it’s pretty handy to have. :)

      • March 20, 2011

        Haha, that’s awesome! I use my super old Sony Ericsson from 5years ago to take all of my pictures. It’s quite embarrassing to say the very least! I’ve been thinking of investing in a SLR but still haven’t gotten around in doing so. Btw, we should definitely try out a new restaurant together some day! It’s always nice to meet another foodie! :D

      • March 20, 2011

        Definitely! :) Always looking for more friends to drag out to restaurants!

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