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Sunday was a busy day! The day was spent making bread, about which 80% was just waiting for the dough to rise, and then ran downtown for a short meet up with a friend who came back from Nigeria. I wanted to take her to OB Canteen, but it was surprisingly busy on a Sunday night. We just crossed to street and ate at Hey Lucy Cafe instead.

We got the sweet potato french fries, chicken calzone (?) and the wood fired margherita pizza. I didn’t taste the calzone, but the pizza was marginally better than the frozen thin crust pizzas they sell at grocery stores. (With the exception of fresh basil!) That’s not to say it was bad, but it wasn’t exactly exceptional.  For dessert, we ordered the warm chocolate cookie sundae with vanilla bean ice-cream. I was hoping it would come resembling a sundae, but was disappointed to see they just laid the barely heated cookie and the ice-cream next to each other. How is that even remotely resembling a sundae?

Somehow – of course – the weather managed to stay nice throughout our entire dinner right until when we had to pay our bill and make a 15 minute trek to the station.  It started pouring a combination of rain and snow. We couldn’t see anything and kept walking into puddles….but we made it, we survived. Can’t wait for summer so I can start complaining about being too hot.



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