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When I first saw them in the Globetrotter Diaries’s blog post on Korean sweets, I knew that I’d love them, and I was right!  After a bit of trouble with the pronunciation (we still don’t know how to say it), Leo got some last night after visiting a Korean supermarket in Don Mills and it took a tremendous amount of will power to stop myself from eating the entire thing at once. We finished the last one this afternoon after a little bike ride around the neighbourhood. Felt like a well deserved snack.

And….these suckers are the best! They taste like something from my childhood, so comforting and familiar,  except I don’t think we ever had any Korean imports back home. They have just the right amount of sweetness and warmth that make you crave those ridiculously melancholic winters you see in movies where you’re sitting by the window watching the snow fall over barren trees as you sip a hot cup of tea… or something. Definitely comfort food.

From the recipes that I’ve seen around, they’re stuffed with brown sugar, cinnamon and/or pine nuts. Although they should be served warm, I kinda like them cold when the sugar has hardened and you get a nice crispy bite out of it.  Yum. I think I will lay off trying to make them until it’s winter time again. I should probably think about my summer figure or whatever. (Ugh…thank goodness I’m not into swimming.)



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