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Leo and I are divided about this. I loved Ippudo, but he thought it was completely overpriced and just ‘okay’. At about $14 starting price for a bowl and a ridiculous wait time of an hour and half to get a table, it was admittedly not really worth it. However, the service was fast and the dining atmosphere really fun once you get past the weird loungey club feel of the front/waiting area.

Since we were full from our first dinner at Graffiti, we just shared an appetizer (pork buns) and got a bowl of ramen each. (Because a bowl of ramen is totally light fare!) It’s been too long and I don’t remember which ones we got. Mine was plain and Leo’s was some extravagant thing in a red bowl. The pork buns were so-so and could have done without the mayo. As for the ramen, I really liked them. The noodles were a bit starchy, but I didn’t mind the texture. Leo, however, hated them and thought it was just poorly made and stale or something. I think we at least agreed that the broths were pretty amazing. They were just so deliciously layered with flavour that had I not been full from our first dinner at Graffiti, I would have drank it all…….but I only got through half of my bowl before I reached that terrible block…you know…that point when you realize you really can’t continue eating, but you really want to…but…:(

As far as ramens go, I think Ippudo is definitely one of the best. A hearty bowl of rich soup….a little bit pricier than usual, but still good.

65 4th Ave | Website | Yelp




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