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When in a pinch for dinner (or brunch) ideas, I always seem to gravitate towards sausages. Leo makes all kind of dirty jokes about it, but I really, really do love sausages. They’re like my top favourite things to eat. And really, apart from worrying about the fat and salt content, what is there not to like? They’re versatile, they take no prepping time, they come already seasoned and all you need to do is throw them in a pan or an oven or a pot of delicious tomato sauce (sliced or rolled out like meatballs) and you’re done! Paired with some lovely “This Is Not Rice Pilaf” (from the ever so lovely Laura Calder) baby, you’ve got yourself a stew going!

All you need: sausages, rice, onions, garlic, your favourite herbes (I first tried it with Italian Seasoning and then with Herbe de Provence the second time; preferred it with Italian Seasoning) and quite a bit of butter.

While your rice is cooking, heat your desired amount of butter over a pan and fry in the onions until they’ve browned and carmelized. Add the garlic, herbes and season with salt and pepper for taste. At this point, your kitchen will reek of butter and onions and you will love it. Love it! Once that is all done, toss in your cooked rice in the onion mixture and mix well.

We also had a salad with it. But…yeah.



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