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Pizerria Libretto, your Porchetta Pizza with arugula and lemon was divine. The crust was perfect. The porchetta was perfect. The gooey mozzarella was perfect. Your housemade paprika and chili pepper infused olive oil was amazing stuff! It was all so good I couldn’t even stop to take a picture before we devoured it. So, I take back my so-so review from the last time we went. Plus, not having to wait over an hour before getting a seat was pretty awesome too.


A few weeks ago, I made these really pretty  Almond Lemon Meringue Cookies. While they tasted good, I wasn’t entirely happy with the texture. I think this was because I probably overbaked them. I finally remade them last week following the recipe much more closely and got a better result. They turned out chewy with a nice crunch on the outside.


I’m very late on scanning these films from my second roll. To post soon.



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