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I finally get more than a day off this week. Huzzah! Too bad I will be spending it catching up on side job I should have finished a while back. If all goes well, I may also be renting a lens out for the upcoming week! (Hopefully I will get it for Nuit Blanche….fingers crossed.) And if all goes realllly well, I’ll have my life plan figured out before the end of the year. ANYWAY…

These photos were taken a while back in August on a brunch date with my friend Melanie (seen below busily texting on her crackberry) at Bonjour Brioche. I went early to get coffee at Voulez-Vous Cafe ($2 for french press, a great deal!) and stopped by the Leslieville’s Farmers’ Market to get these before heading on over to line up for some really delicious French fares. Amy’s (Amy’s Food Adventures) review is pretty spot on and says most of the things I’ve thought of saying. The baked french toast was fantastic and the croque madame looked pretty divine. I’ll definitely be returning again to try out more of their menu.

First set of photos were taken with my DSLR and the second with the Canon AE-1 with Kodak UltraMax 400 film. What a difference, huh!?

This has been a rather disjointed post…




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  1. September 23, 2011

    Thanks for the mention! :) Yes, I was wondering about the difference in quality too.. I wasn’t going to mention it (in case my eyes were just acting wacky today) but then you mentioned your Kodak ;D I’m thinking of getting Canon’s T2i.. been long overdue on my DSLR search. Researching on cameras is way too overwhelming for me b/c I know nothing about photography!

    • September 23, 2011

      Picking a camera *is* TOUGH. I’d really love to upgrade mine, but already spent a lot on my lenses during the past year, so I’m relunctant to spend even more than I already have. The T2i is a good choice, it has video capabilities as well, which will be really fuuun :)

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