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Found in the basement.

Apparently this was the last thing my mom purchased in Hong Kong before she immigrated to Toronto for the long haul in the late 70s, the scuttlebutt was that north Americans ate oodles of noodles so she thought she’d make ready. When in Rome, right? First thing she purchased upon arriving in Toronto was one of those tuxedo print t-shirts from Honest Ed’s, classic.

Anyway, here are instructions for “the best” home-made pasta, as printed on the box:



  • 1lb. Sifted wheat flour “OO” – (hard wheat, if available, or cracked wheat).
  • 4 whole eggs
  • 4 tbls. milk
  • Salt to taste. (cinnamon, nutmeg)

Mound the flour; make a depression in the center and place ingredients in it. Mix and knead into a smooth nlend. Break dough repeatedly by ripping it into small hunks and blend by kneading again.

For green noodles, add 1 lb. pureed spinach; for red noodles, add 1/2 lb. pureed beets; for orange noodles, add 1 lb. pureed carrots and for yellow noodles, add saffron.

BRAVISIMO!!! You now have fresh, tasty, nourishing nature home-made pasta – THE BEST!!!

I dunno man… it seems like other recipes don’t call for any milk. Has anyone tried a good recipe for fresh pasta lately that they’d recommend?



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