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After Facebook, the WordPress statistics page is the second most addictive webpage I check on a near constant and almost hourly basis. It’s been a source of many disappointments and excitement this year, and after some thought, I’ve decided to just stop letting it dictate how I feel about the posts I make. There was a period when I was obsessively refreshing to see how many views I got and would find myself  feeling dejected when the posts I liked the most didn’t receive as many hits as I thought they would – but I’m okay with that now…kinda.

It’s always surprising and quite a lot of fun to not only see which posts are popular, but the search engine terms people use that bring them to my blog. Someone out there really wants to know where they can buy Somersby Cider…I feel like it’s my duty to now find out. If you know the answer, let us know!

So, rounding up the last post of 2011 for us here at Babyhedgehogs (BHH), here is the Top Five most popular posts of all time:

  1. Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread
    A super easy and sweet snack to go with your tea or coffee. They’re especially delicious if made with sliced apples nestled between each puffy layer of dough. The apples turn crisp from the caramelized sugar dripping down…droool. As always, when baking with cinnamon always use more than what the recipe calls for – it’s a helpful advice I received from a baker friend that’s made a huge difference…in my life.
  2. Earl Grey Chocolate Tea Cakes with Earl Grey Icing
    A friend and I were dying to bake with earl grey for ages and we finally found time one Sunday afternoon to try out a recipe she found on food network. The chocolate tea cakes only called for earl grey in the icing, but we decided to infuse the cake with earl grey as well. While we could taste the delicious flavour of the bergamot and lemon in the icing, it was too delicate for the heavy chocolate batter of the cake.
  3. W Burger Bar: Bison Meat vs. Beef
    Bison meat – dry, but flavourful! I’m not too sure why this particular post is third on the stats list, but I guess Toronto really loves burgers.  We’ve been there many times, but it’s always been after work when I didn’t have my DSLR on me. I have plenty of iphone pictures of me eating their fries though.
  4. Mini Dutch Babies
    They were too cute to eat, but definitely filling. These German pancakes are easy to whip up at any moments notice – provided you have eggs, milk and flour – and they’re fun to watch rise and puff out of their pans. They’re plain enough that you can throw whatever you want in and on them.
  5. Easy Pork Belly Crackling
    This one is quite obvious and we can see why it’s up there. For one, it’s pork, and second, it’s pork crackling. Our love of porchetta drove Leo to make pork belly roasts himself back in September, and he’s been making it at least once a month ever since (three times this December alone). While you need to prep the pork one day ahead, it doesn’t take more than one or two hours to roast it depending on the size.


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