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Brown rice sushi filled with cucumber, homemade pickled daikon and carrots, avocado, canned salmon (can’t always have sushi grade salmon sitting in our fridge, right?), and a Japanese-style omelette // Paired with Submarine (2010) and Mexican coke.


The first meal Leo and I cooked together was spaghetti and meatballs. It only took us 30 minutes to make and as we sat down to eat and gingerly wondered whether or not our meatballs were cooked through, I distinctly remember feeling incredibly proud of myself at that moment for having personally gone out to the grocery store to make a purchase that wasn’t chips and then turned it into something. We had bought Honey Garlic and Macedonian sausages, squeezed and mushed them together to make our meatballs, and then browned and cooked them in a tomato sauce from a jar with whatever herbes we could find in his pantry. It was fun, easy, no recipe and completely stress-free. (And no camera!) We’ve been a tad more ambitious since then. The result, though, hasn’t always been the best and I started getting more and more frustrated and annoyed. By the time we’d sit down to eat, the mood at the table was like the beginning of this scene from Submarine.

So, feeling less than enthused to try something new again, I left the sushi making to Leo and decided to just  watch. I tried my best to not complain as much, This isn’t how you make proper sushi rice, or get irrationally upset that the very thin and sweet Japanese omelette kept sticking and breaking as I scraped it out unto a plate, See, I told you this was the WRONG pan.

I guess what I’m trying to say in the most convoluted way possible is that: I need to relax. I’d like to get back to that space where I’m happy just squeezing sausage fillings out of their casings and throwing them in tomato sauce.

The sushi was good. Mexican coke tastes like pepsi. Submarine made me want to go to Wales and look forlornly at the ocean during a sunset.


Japanese Basics
How to make sushi rice and Japanese thin omelette (usuyaki tamago) from the Just Hungry blog.



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