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Well, you definitely cannot say that you are without options for quick eats in downtown Toronto. The Kensington Market and Chinatown area is lined with all manner of cheap (and sometimes cheerful) eateries and food vendors, most of which are quite spare in appearance, but fluorescent lighting notwithstanding, the eclectic economy on offer has a charm all its own. In the very least you know you’re paying for the food and not the decor.

Annd…speaking of decor, I recently walked by the new Grand Electric (from the famed ex-Black Hoofers who made pig’s head tacos a thing), it looked totally swank and it might be enough to drag my lazy butt to Parkdale! La Carnita plans on opening up shop soon and the Banh Mi Boys are serving up some good old korean tacos. So, I guess burgers are out and tacos are in for 2012?

(I’d kill for a churro right now.)

Big Fat Burrito
285 Augusta Ave | Yelp

The Mexi-Can Market
310 College Street | Yelp



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  1. Maria Ada #
    January 14, 2012

    You’re southern friends in Chicago know that tacos are the new burgers– and have been for a while. Yet they never really replace burgers…. we just like to have options :) Great pics, thanks for sharing.

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