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I excitedly purchased a roll of Fujichrome Provia 100 slide film in December. It took me a couple of weeks and well into mid-January to go through all 36 exposure, because I kept waiting and waiting for the right kind of light and the right moment for the right subjects, scared that I would be wasting my shots and being quite careful with framing, setting up each exposure, and making sure everything was in the right focus plane. I had high hopes. Then, coming towards my last few shots, #35 and #36, the counter kept going and the shutter kept clicking. Those who have shot film or still do probably know that feeling of dread and panic. I didn’t load the film properly. It came right out of the film rail after I closed the camera. Two weeks of waiting to hear back from the lab confirmed it. It’s blank. Live and learn…I guess. If you’re ever doubtful or concerned that you may be shooting into nothingness, pay attention to the film rewind knob. If it’s not advancing when you crank your film for the next exposure, chances are you didn’t load the film properly.

Black’s 400 was an absolute surprise. After the mishap with the Fujichrome, I didn’t feel like buying an expensive film and then ruin it. Out of all places, we found a 4 pack at the Value Village at Victoria Park and Eglinton. They were only a dollar each. WHAT A DEAL, RIGHT? ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU GET FREE DEVELOPING AT BLACK’S WHEN YOU PURCHASE THEIR FILM. I wasn’t expecting much from it, so I’m quite happy with the results. :) Leo has kindly scanned the photos for me. This is probably the cheapest film post I’ve ever made.

The donut I’m holding was delicious.

canon ae-1 | black’s 400


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  1. February 2, 2012

    You get free developing at blacks when you purchase their film?!?!?!?! AH!

    also: I LOVE your donut posts. LOVE them :)

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