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I bought cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil and rosemary last Friday. Then we got avocados. So, yes, I’ve spent the entire week incorporating them into as many meals as possible.

The quinoa dish with caramelized onions turned out to be a bummer, ruined by the bitter rosemary left too long to cook in olive oil, so I won’t talk about it. Instead, how about the Grilled Cheese Baguette version, inspired by As Ink Remains‘ avocado and cheese toast, lighty scented with a rosemary-butter then topped with a mashed avocado spread, a few cherry tomatoes, and then havarti? A dash of lime in the mashed avocado does wonders and brings out the rosemary.

You don’t really need instructions for it, but I feel like writing it:

Cherry Tomatoes & Avocado “Grilled Cheese” Baguette

  • Baguette, halved length-wise
  • Butter + Chopped rosemary
  • Avocado + Salt, pepper and a dash of lime
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Havarti or your cheese of preference

Preheat a grill or a pan to medium-high heat. Combine butter and rosemary in a bowl and spread it on top of your baguette. Grill the baguette cut-side down until toasted.  (It will smell delicious!)

In the meantime, take half an avocado and mash it to your desired consistency (smooth or chunky, up to you). Add a pinch of salt and pepper and lime juice. I didn’t have chili flakes, but I bet it would go well with it.

Assemble your baguette with the avocado mash, cherry tomatoes and sliced cheese. Put it back on the pan and cover until the cheese melts, between 3 to 5 mins. Cut into cute little mini bit size pieces or…eat whole.

And voila!

A little food photography note: I just realized I could have probably sprinkled the top with some rosemary…oh well..when hunger calls, who has time to prethink all of this? Right?!



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  1. February 10, 2012


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