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You haven’t had a chicken sandwich until you’ve gone to The County General. At $14, the price for the cute slider-esque portion seems steep, but once you bite into it – a crisp and moist buttermilk-soaked chicken uplifted by a fresh avocado chutney – it feels and tastes so right. So, so right. (I just really like fried chicken.) According to the Post, they sous vide the chicken first and then lightly fry them. Technology.

Other brunch items had were a fairly standard and average burger with a nice pickle, eggs benedict with grilled sourdough and smoked peameal ($15), a good-looking croque madame ($14), and a food coma inducing banana bread French toast ($14), all of which my friend Pam captured beautifully last Sunday!

Brunch at The County General from Pam Lau on Vimeo.

“Write It All Down for You” by Elliott Brood

I’m the one hesitating before attempting to take what I hope was a dainty bite. Go check out Pam’s other foodie and non-foodie videos here.

Photos: Me (Canon AE-1 | Fuji Pro 160C) // Video: Pam

The County General
936 Queen Street West | Website | Yelp



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  1. Tim #
    June 17, 2012

    Your pictures are really nice!

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