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Pączki or malasada, churro and oliebollen, deep-fried or baked, sweet or savoury, doughnuts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Leo and myself  (mostly Leo, though, tbh) love them all and have officially made it a goal to try everyone one of them when possible.  If you have any recommendations, we’ve love to hear them!  – BHH

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@bake_lab,  not to be confused for L.A’s Bakelab, is a bit of a mystery. Having only heard of them through a facebook feed, we tried to look around for an online presence, but only found their twitter. A Yelp reviewer says  that it’s a start-up run by a certain Carol Dunder – why the mystery Carol!? – whose creations have included cappuccino and maple-espresso glaze doughnuts and this thing of beauty over here.  You can find Carol’s doughnuts at Lost & Found and The Depanneur on weekends.  Judging by how fast they run out due their limited quantity, getting there before 2pm will be a must.

I had the red velvet doughnut with a cream cheese and white chocolate icing topped with white chocolate sprinkles. It was cakey and moist.  The traditional use of cream cheese with the red velvet was exactly what was needed to balance everything out, which sounds a bit strange when talking about doughnuts, but it’s a nice change from the oversweetened stuff you usually find.

UPDATE, eaten Saturday, March 10, 2012: Vanilla Bean Glazed raised doughnut.

More: Toronto Doughnuts: Nova Era Bakery

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  1. February 21, 2012

    Oh yum… looks so good! Here’s another one I’d love to get my hands on!

  2. Len Senater #
    March 3, 2012

    This week’s bakelab flavours @TheDepanneur: Chocolate cake doughnuts with toasted coconut macaroon topping or Medjool Date raised doughnuts with sticky toffee topping

  3. bakelab #
    March 4, 2012

    Hello Patricia
    Thanks so much for writing about my doughnuts.
    Glad you enjoyed the red velvet–it is one of my favourites, too.
    Hope you get to try another one soon.
    I don’t have a website yet but it wil come.
    Will be starting new cafe locations very soon!
    Follow me on twitter (@bake_lab)
    or Facebook to find out more.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about doughnuts
    Thanks again Patricia.

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