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We’ve taken an interest in cocktails. I can only deduce that this came about from no longer eating at restaurants and bars serving Tequila Sunrise and Sex on the Beach, which were (probably still are) my favourite drinks. (I know better now, really! Pedestrian I am no longer. Hahaha. Ha…ha.)

Here’s a variation of a Whiskey Sour that I had at Yours Truly using: white port, whiskey, Concord grape juice, citrus, and egg white with a cherry surprise waiting at the bottom of the glass. The black napkin was a nice touch.

If you’re wondering where the food pictures are, I’m sad to say that both times we’ve been to Yours Truly, I was without a digital camera. I did manage to take a few shots on my Canon AE-1 the second time we went, but then it got too dark and our wonderfully thoughtful tasting menu began.  We had two amuse gueles followed by the menu of the evening: Carrot (very playful plate!), Trout, Beef Cheeks, and a Yogurt mousse.

I’m hoping we’ll get some better pictures in the spring or summer, especially if we get to sit at the bar again or the communal table by the window.

Yours Truly
229 Ossington Ave. | Website

Canon AE-1 | Lomography Film 400




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  1. March 4, 2012

    I still haven’t been yet! Glad you like it enough to go back a few times :)

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