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What better way to celebrate the early arrival of spring weather than lunch at the ever busy and bustling Bonjour Brioche? It’s a classic Leslieville brunch spot and bakery serving fresh baguettes and pastries, and as their namesake indicates, some very good brioche. Unlike last time, I arrived there with Leo at 11 am and there was still a wait. It’s downright torturous when you’re standing next to their pastries and watching heaps of food coming out from their kitchen, but the wait isn’t any worse than other brunch establishments.

Brunch for two with drinks and pastries was $33 plus tip.

Brioche Royales – One raspberry and the other blueberry – but more on that in an upcoming doughnut post!

Quiche Lorraine – rich and creamy as a quiche should be with a flaky and buttery crust. It has a misleading lightness and airiness as you eat it, but don’t be fooled, it’s definitely filling and substantial. I had nothing else until dinner.

Croque Madame – Not to be missed! If your philosophy in life is that everything tastes better topped with an egg, then I say monsieur, meet madame. The combination of the hot, thick cut ham that verges on being as crispy as bacon and the gruyere…and the bread!

Each plate came with a side of salad and crunchy baguette with big slabs of butter. Perfect.

Bonjour Brioche
812 Queen Street East | Website | Yelp




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