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Wvrst, Wvrst, Wvrst! We still haven’t properly sampled their beers yet, but we’re slowly making the sausage rounds one meaty bite at a time. Though our first visit was pretty lacklustre, I’m happy to recant and report that our second time at the beer and sausage hall was a pleasant surprise. The traditional sausages we had last time, the bratwurst and calabrese, felt too plain and unexceptional to warrant a repeat visit, but they’ve got something good going on with their game meats. Duck with maple and foie gras, pheasant with apple, elk with porcini and cumin…perhaps sausage is where high brow and low brow meet? None of the flavours seem too out there (they’re actually complimentary and traditional to their respective meats), but if you’d like something different that you won’t easily find at your local grocery store or butcher, I say choose the game meat; they tend to be leaner and naturally more flavourful on their own.

Bison Sausage – A maple and blueberry sausage with a dark, rich red colouring and a sweetness similar to honey garlic and breakfast sausage in taste. I topped it with red bell peppers and sauerkraut. ($9) If Wvrst decided to go the brunch route, I would definitely eat this as a side with a big plate of French Toasts!

Guinea Fowl – A cheddar and asparagus sausage with a very distinctive and sharp, but well-rounded taste. Quite savoury. Topped with jalapeño and sauerkraut. ($9)

Duck Fat Fries with a side of maple and rosemary mayo and chipotle mayo – Need I say more? ($6.50)

Comparatively speaking, Wvrst prices are not the lowest, but they’re located on King Street West and cater to a specific crowd…

Canon AE-1 | Lomography 400

609 King Street West | Website | Yelp



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