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Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!

– O –

The Brioche Royale is not a doughnut. Rather, like any other brioche, it’s closer to the bread and cake family, rich in butter and eggs with the addition of milk as a moistening agent.  According to Le Goût du pain/The Taste of Bread by Raymond Calvel, the ‘royale’ is just a brioche with candied fruits. Though it can come in a few variations, Bonjour Brioche’s version differs greatly from what I’ve seen on the internet. Their brioche royale has the appearance of a flattened sphere with a caved top and a fine dusting of icing sugar.  They have two options for fillings: blueberry custard, which has a creamy mouthfeel, or lemon raspberry, more tart than sweet.

You get the same satisfaction of eating a doughnut, but with the added bonus of the extra buttery goodness of a light and airy pastry steeped in tradition and history, a pastry forever linked to one of the most despised and misunderstood monarch of France.  You get to keep your head at the end though.

$1.85 for one.

Bonjour Brioche
812 Queen Street East | Website | Yelp

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