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A list of some of my favourite blogs

(French toast from Saving Grace.)

What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today?: Between Overnight Oatmeal and Beer and Cheese Pull Apart Bread, this Tumblr covers pretty much every type of breakfast item you can imagine and then some. If you ever hear anyone complain that breakfast food is boring, whip out your smartphone/tablet/laptop/fancygooglegoggles and show them this blog.

Alberto Cassani’s photography: Soft tones, very filmic and cinematic. His NYC set is amazing.

Chasing Delicious: A Saveur-nominated food blog with great recipes, prose, photography, and graphics.  (How can one person be so good at all of this?!)

Le Dans La:  Ah, la belle vie!

Apt 2B Baking: The undeniable warmth of Kodak Portra combined with comfort food makes Apt 2B my top favourite food blog right now.

Snacks Snacks Snacks: A great Tumblr run by two Toronto restaurant industry folks. (One of them was our server once! We recognized her badass tattoos.) They recently came back from an epic food stint in New York with hourly notes detailing everything devoured from morning to daybreak (or should it be dusk to daybreak? daaaybreaaaak), including a ‘late night snack’ at the Blue Ribbon consisting of champagne, steak tartar, and ox tail marmalade. This has seriously made me reconsider my silly plan to save up to eat at The French Laundry and to simply do what they did, have an all out Hangover-style night of feasting and restaurant hopping.

Holgarific: Coffee. Medium format film.  Need I say more?

The Trip, the BBC series: Not a blog, but if you like to call yourself a foodie and you like British-style comedies, do yourself a favour and go watch it! The series is filled with gorgeous Northern England scenery and beautiful mouth watering shots of scallops lovingly pan-seared in sinful amounts of butter…I’m drooling already.



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