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We’ve heralded Portuguese doughnuts before and we’ll likely do it again before this little round up is done (spoiler alert, we’re fans). With that said, it was pretty surprising that we left the venerable Venezia Bakery unmentioned for so long. On most days the cafe is a one-woman operation serving up breads, pastries, hot sandwiches and even a few grocery essentials to local patrons. To some, Venezia must seem like a defiant holdover on what is fast becoming restaurant-mile on Ossington. To label it an anachronism, however, would be to betray the timeless appeal of their baked goods – the kind that would make Venezia feel right at home in any neighbourhood. Next time you’re in their’s before sundown, we recommend you have yourself one of their giant doughnuts with your morning or afternoon coffee. You’ll probably be tempted to stock up on some of their classic pastéis be nata for later too.

Venezia Bakery
114 Ossington Avenue

More Toronto Doughnuts: Bake LabBonjour BriocheCaldense Bakery, Mexi-Can MarketNova Era Bakery

Canon AE-1 | Lomography Film 400




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