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Cusco: Part I 

Hostal Pascana
Calle Awaqpinta #539
Hostal Pascana was a quaint little place that was booked for us during our brief stay in Cusco. The breakfasts are simple, usually bread with jam and butter alongside coffee or tea. At 3 PEN (Peruvian money) extra, they are more than willing to make you eggs to order.

Cafe Ricchary
Calle Concebidayoq
Touted as the best place to get coffee in Cusco, our guide took us there during our afternoon tour. We had the cappuccino, cafe mocha, an americano, and of course, I ordered a cortado. The beans are organic, coming from the Peruvian andes, and are grown and roasted by the owners themselves.

Granja Heidi
Cuesta San Blas #525
A German owned restaurant catering to European patrons who seemed to be either ex-pats or tourists looking for familiar dishes. Though I wasn’t specifically looking to eat there, it ended up being our lunch choice after we failed to find the quinta I wanted to try. (Turns out we were on the wrong street!) We had the lunch special, which was…spaghetti.

Nuna Rami
Calle Triunfo #356
Peruvian food, finally! While I had the roasted cuy (guinea pig), others opted for less adventurous options such as quinoa salads and chicken in yellow chilli sauce. You’re probably wondering what the cuy tasted like. It was similar to pork, but, it didn’t taste like pork entirely…maybe a bit sweeter. The skin was quite good.

The street food in Cusco seemed pretty diverse. To my disappointment, there were no ceviche stands – I was told these are usually found in Lima and the coastal regions of the country. However, there were carts selling what looked like breads, pastries, churros, popcorn, and yoguis, which are Peruvian-style corn dogs that replaces the corn batter with waffle!

Next up: Cusco’s market.




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  1. July 18, 2012

    Guinea pig?! Sad…Those churros looks amazing though.

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