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Le Falco is all modern Japanese sensibility. Removed from major traffic and city noise, it’s a quiet siphon bar and café  with an industrial and minimally designed space by Mile End. Any harshness from the grey bricks are softened by striking pops of white and the warm, woodsy colours of their terracotta potted plants; the large windows streaming in vast amount of light gives the interior an airiness not easily duplicated in cramped coffee shops. The music when we went that day was barely discernible, and alongside the sounds of the siphon bubbling up water as it brewed coffee, it was an altogether soothing and relaxing visit.

Typical of most cafes, Le Falco serves breakfast and lunch. We tried their onigiris, one made with salmon and the second with edamame and purple rice. Leo went for their cold drip (Nicaragua), which had a tea-like quality similar to the coffee cherry tea at Blue Bottle Chelsea, and I had a cafe au lait (Rwanda), very light and bright.

Photos are from myself and Leo with some photoshop level boosting here and there from me! (We’re like a real team now.) The black and white photo was taken on the trusty Canon AE-1 using Ilford Delta 400 film. So far, I can’t tell if that film is naturally grainy or just the cheap $3 scan I got…

Le Café Falco
5605 Avenue de Gaspé




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