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Our Homer’s Odyssey into Toronto’s doughnuts continues…

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Paulette’s makes donuts, they fry chicken, and they recently won 86’d Mondays‘ “ultimate donut battle” at the Drake Hotel. No small feat, considering they were competing against the likes of Glory Hole, Dough by Rachelle, Bestellen, and Sweet Escape Patisserie. Paulette’s blueberry balsamic doughnut was the crowd-pleasing favourite of the night, with the winner declared based on popular vote after rounds and rounds of doughnuts were consumed by a very packed house. We will summarily describe the event as a Homer Simpson fantasy come to life. But for those that missed it, Paulette’s doughnuts are available Tuesday through Sunday from their amazing smelling storefront in Leslieville. Pictured here are their root beet float and raspberry rose flavours from our last visit. $2.75 each.

Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken
913 Queen Street East | Website

More Toronto Doughnuts: Bake Lab / Bonjour Brioche / Caldense Bakery / Mexi-Can Market / Nova Era Bakery / Venezia Bakery




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