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Technically, every dinner Leo and I have can be considered a ‘date night’, but I specifically requested we do a special night out one November. I was pretty bored with our usual food spots at the time and the idea of having a taco or another pork belly something felt as enticing as eating chalk at that point. Sheherzade Dizi & Grill was a welcomed change for sure! It’s such a cozy little spot, dimly lit, with lots of colourful decorations. I’m pretty sure 90% of the people dining alongside us were on dates as well… Romantic dates, bro dates, and lady dates. No family dates. Also…dates..get it? (The fruit kind. They’re popular in Iranian and Middle Eastern cuisines, no?)

It was actually our second time there. I felt adventurous and got the Kaleh Joosh, which the menu says is a broth of Persian whey, mint, and onions cooked with white beans, chickpeas, potatoes and eggplant. It comes with a side of walnuts, beets and cucumbers, and flatbread. When it arrives at the table, the vegetables are served in a clay pot and the broth strained in a soup bowl. I was told to drink the broth first, then, with a special instrument, to crush the vegetables in the pot and use it as a spread for my flatbread.

When I looked up kaleh joosh on google, it seemed like it was an entirely different thing from what I had. Sheherzade’s kaleh joosh was a vegetarian version of their popular Abgoosht, which is a lamb stew that comes with everything I’ve mentioned above. It’s served and eaten the same way.


The kebabs Leo ordered came with Persian style rice with butter on top, a salad, and a whole roasted tomato. The rice puts most of the other rice I’ve ever eaten to shame.

The meats are halal.

Sheherzade Dizi & Grill
422 College St W | Website | Yelp



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  1. January 4, 2013

    Nice eats! Will try it out!

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