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Perhaps it is the dearth of truly good “by-the-slice” pizza in Toronto that leads to such pining for something so simple, but Bitondo’s makes me want to eat like a loner. I’m positive that they serve entire pies and I’m fairly certain they serve pizza with toppings other than pepperoni, but I’ve never once had the urge to order anything other than a pepperoni slice and a can of Brio from Bitondo’s. The combination being one of the few food pairings that fit into my small list of acceptable “eating alone” meals (wouldn’t I have ordered a whole pizza if I could find even one other hungry person??).

Bitondo TorontoBitondo Pizza

Their slices are loaded with mozzarella, with just the right amount of grease to require a fold hold to eat it and cut at a generous near-ninety degree angle – all indicators that Bitondo’s is serving some of the best pizza to ever hit white paper plate. And really, where else can you lounge on signal orange lawn chairs and eat pizza off a table top Pac-Man?

Bitondo PanzerottiBitondo Pizza Maker

And recently, a top 10 finisher in NOW’s T.O.’s top 20 pizza places!

Bitondo’s Pizzeria
11 Clinton St. | Yelp



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