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JJ Cold Brew

One of the silver linings in having friends and family move abroad is the exchanges that take place whenever they return home on visits. My cousin, who recently expatriated to San Francisco, smuggled back a bottle of the liquid gold that is Jittery John’s Cold Brew coffee. If you’re skeptical about New Orleans style coffee that’s “handcrafted since just recently” in San Francisco, JJ’s is as rich, smooth, strong, and delicious as billed – and the chicory accent is something I can get used to. Fun fact:  chicory root is a common coffee substitute in US prisons, a tradition that dates back to the American civil war!


Yashica FX-7

Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee
San Fransisco CA | Twitter | Fb




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  1. February 21, 2013

    I brew my own cold coffee with a Toddy maker—easy and so good. When you do it cold it doesn’t stimulate the acid, which is why it’s so smooth. Did buy the first Toddy in New Orleans–at PJ’s (not JJ’s) famous coffee is (no chicory there actually). Or take a pound of ground coffee, add water (probably 1/2 gallon or so), soak over night and then filter. Easy peasy. :)

    • Leo #
      February 22, 2013

      Thanks for the tip! My coworker’s been recommending the Toddy for cold brews as well, i’m sure it’ll be great for the summer and I like that you can use it for teas too right?

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