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Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread is familiar. It’s a good starter bread, and one that I’ve made a good six to eight times now.


I usually use all-purpose flour, but I had some whole wheat bread flour lying around. Now, I should have done a blend of AP and whole wheat flour, but for the sake of experimentation I went with 100% whole wheat. And it was whole wheat bread flour at that, which should be left to more experienced bakers. Unfortunately, the flour was also bought at Bulk Barn. The result? While the loaf is far more nutritious than white bread, it’s just a bit too healthy. And no one really eats bread for its nutritious value, do they?

BUT…the crust had great caramelization, it crackled coming out of the oven and did a satisfying crunch when sliced. The crumb texture could have been airier and moist though.

I was aiming for a sandwich bread, but it’s more of a dense toast bread. A guilt-free toast bread that I load up with nutella. Because. All that bran. (Alternately, if you prefer savouries, I bet it goes well with mustard and salami….or gravlax…hmm…)


As for the pumpkin seeds, they were an afterthought. I saw them on the counter when I came home and remembered Boulangerie Guillaume’s sunflower seed baguettes. Why not, right? I tried to press them in as much as I could before popping the bread in the oven. Will incorporate them into the dough next time.

Jim Lahey’s No Knead Bread recipe found here.




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