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There are no real healthy options at DonDon. But it’s a Japanese Pub, so ya know…when in Rome. Everything seems deep fried, drenched in butter or oil, loaded with garlic or mayo, grilled, and salty as heck. It’s perfect for knocking back a few drinks before heading home. The service can be spotty, we never got the tuna rice bowl that we ordered twice and they almost forgot our desserts. But it’s a fun place to be.

Eaten: deviled eggs with crisped bacon,  edamame with dried red shiso salt, ginger fried chicken, various grilled meats on skewers, tuna carpaccio, steamed pork belly, steamed fish with garlic and butter, matcha pudding, shochu cocktails (honey, mango, and calpico).

DonDon also makes sashimi, cheese wontons, pork buns, udons, Tokyo style hot dogs, hot pots, and the very elusive black sesame ice-cream.

DonDon Izakaya
130 Dundas St W | Website | Yelp




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  1. March 11, 2013

    That look really good. Your blog post made me hungry…i need to go out and find food soon. Which photo editing app are you using?
    Cammi @ Thumble

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