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Our Homer’s Odyssey into Toronto’s doughnuts continues…

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The iconic Granowska’s may have closed down, but those hankering for Polish treats at Roncesvalles can still find pączki (Polish doughnuts) at Benna’s Bakery & Deli. Amidst the jars of pickles, the sauerkraut and kielbasa, and the perogies (those tasty, tasty perogies), you’ll find the spongy doughnuts at Benna’s pastry counter. The traditional filling is a stewed plum jam, but you’ll find other fruits as well.

While these doughnuts are made and bought year-round, pączki are especially enjoyed on Pączki Day, harkening back to a time as far as the 17th century when flour, sugar, butter, and milk were brought to a holy union and fried in lard by Catholic Poles  feasting before Lent. I doubt anyone uses fat for frying today, but the doughnut was definitely rich and sweet, the sort of treat you’ll have before going on a more secular fast.

polish doughnut 1

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Benna’s Bakery & Deli
135 Roncesvalles Ave. | Yelp





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  1. huntfortheverybest #
    April 18, 2013

    that doughnut looks delish!

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