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Our Homer’s Odyssey into Toronto’s doughnuts continues…

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Do you remember the first time you had Tiny Tom Donuts? I can, it was at CNE and while I haven’t actually been to the Ex in years, there will always be a fairly substantial part of my heart devoted to baby doughnuts that come into the world via conveyor belt. So, imagine my delight when Little Nicky’s set up shop back in 2010 and we all started enjoying their mini doughnuts made bar-top for all to see (and smell). The best seat in the house actually faces the “donut robot” that sends piping hot doughnuts tumbling towards you straight out of the fryer. They’re made to order, tossed in cinnamon sugar and served hot. True to form, Little Nicky’s has bucked the trend of specialty doughnut shops that constantly experiment with new/innovative flavours because sometimes all you want is something simple and perfect to dip in your coffee. If only they had endless batter and longer hours (till 6pm daily and closed Sundays), I might sit by the fryer and fade away like Degas’ absinthe lady. Mini doughnuts are $2.75 for six, $4 for a dozen.

BHH BLOG Little Nicky

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Little Nicky’s Coffee
375 Queen St. W. | Yelp



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