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Sat., May11.


There’s no shortage of good coffee in Chelsea. In addition to Blue Bottle and Cafe Grumpy, Joe Coffee is right down the street from the High Line. On appearance it’s admittedly not as quaint as Grumpy nor as sleek as Blue Bottle, but their coffees are the real deal. Joe is also one of the few places where you can get the elusive shakerato, a chilled and shaken espresso drink  served in a glass. Since I only found out about it after returning from our trip, I didn’t get a chance to try it. Instead, I had a regular cappuccino (+ americano for Leo) and an almond croissant that morning.

BHH BLOG Joe99690020


A Salt & Battery has been on our list for the past two years! It didn’t disappoint in the least. The fish was flaky and moist with a crisp batter, and you can tell its been fried properly because it was devoid of all that oily, greasy residue that usually happens with fried foods. The more adventurous can go for the chip butties (fries in sandwiches!) and the deep-fried mars bars.

BHH BLOG Salt Battery

Up next: snacking at the flea market, artisan ice-cream, and Thai food in Brooklyn.

Website | 405 west 23rd street, Manhattan

A Salt & Battery
Website | 112 Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan



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