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Sun., May 12.


Our last morning in the Big Apple.

Whether it’s coffee beans, artisan jam from Brooklyn, or even hot sauce from Marlow & Daughters, we’ve always found something of New York to bring back with us. At our friend’s recommendation, we each got a baker’s dozen of Murray’s Bagels before leaving. (They’re pricier than I would have liked, but hey, when you want the best…am I, right?) They’re bigger, fluffier than Montreal bagels, which means the only way to eat them is to over-stuff them with cream cheese and everything else. No, really. You gotta have the right ratio of bread and filling. (Side note: when at Murray’s, one does not get bagels toasted. You just don’t.)

After Murray’s, we stopped at Doughnut Plant for a pistachio cake doughnut to complete our breakfast trio of coffee, carbs and sugar.


doughnut plant

bhh blog cafe grumpy + donut

BACK AT HOME…Murray’s Bagels freeze pretty well. I had them for a week afterwards. Ahhhh…New York, New York.


Murray’s Bagels in Chelsea
Website | 242 8th Ave, Manhattan

Doughnut Plant – Chelsea Hotel
Website | 220 West 23rd Street, Manhattan



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