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Barely two weeks into June and the Toronto music festival season has begun with possibly the funnest event of the summer. Over the weekend Arts & Crafts celebrated their 10th anniversary with a label’s worth of homegrown indie nostalgia, which included Broken Social Scene, Feist, Stars, and Zeus, paired with an equally superb line up of food vendors handpicked by the bands and Hassel Aviles of Toronto Underground Market (TUM). There was a lovely photography exhibition, a hula hoop field and pop-ups from folks of Etsy and the Drake General Store. Which, altogether made for some good times at Fort York National Historic Site & Garrison Common. The only complaint was that cans of limited edition “Field Tr-IPA” from Amsterdam Brewing Co. sold out way too early!

Eaten: Stout ice-cream sandwich from Sweet Sammies Ice Cream Sandwich Co.; Traditional Aussie + Butter Chicken meat pies from Meat Pies Mates; Voltron + Carnita tacos from La Carnita, mini cupcakes from Bite Me Bakery, and much more.

BHH BLOG Field Trip 2013

Sweet Sammies | website
Meat Pie Mates | website
La Carnita | website
Bite Me Bakery | website



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