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Lands End trail and the Sutro Baths ruins are two low-key sites in San Francisco worth visiting if you’re by Ocean Beach in the Outer Sunset and Richmond District. Unlike the city look outs at Coit Tower, Twin Peaks and Presidio, these two beach landmarks have a quiet and eerie quality hard to find elsewhere. They face the Pacific ocean, away from the city, and there is nothing but cliffs and violent waves crashing into rocks, chilly, sea air, crumbling remnants of a building from a bygone era, a dark cave to explore, and thick morning fog accompanied by incessant foghorns. Quite a few of us were tourists, but there were many locals jogging and walking their pets that morning.

Lands End

The black and white photos were taken with my Canon AE-1 using Kodak 400TX. I scanned the negatives at home… I’m more or less happy with the results, except for the ones that keep looking like I’ve scanned them out of an old newspaper article, like these one below:






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  1. July 19, 2013

    Just saying — the ‘newspaper article’ feel adds a nice vibe to the black and white shots. I dig ’em.
    Unknowingly, you’ve created art (not just by shooting the photo, but during the processing as well).

    • July 19, 2013

      It’s not so bad, I guess, it does give some of the landscape shots an “old world” quality.

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