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I hit a bureaucratic wall last week. Was on the phone a few hours a day to confirm and reconfirm details, filling out forms, etc, etc, etc…Then I caught a cold, and combined with my inability to fall asleep at night because of my coughing fits and day time naps, I feel like my brain sort of just went bonkers and the whole thing combined brought on some awful sleep paralysis. Yep, sleep paralysis. It’s surprisingly more common than I thought. Whew for my mental health and yikes…the human brain, am I right? Since there was nothing I could do about my situation, I baked a loaf of Banana Bread…and ate the stress away with good old-fashioned sugar, butter, and carbs. For courage.

Somewhere in this post there’s a bad pun to be made about going bananas, but I will leave that up to the witty pros.


Anyway! What’s your perfect slice of Banana Bread? I imagine a dark caramelized crust, moist and dense crumbs speckled with nuts and chocolate chips, with an intense banana essence throughout every bite. Like a pound cake, I want it to be hefty enough to last a trip in my bag…

The Martha Stewart recipe I used called for half a cup of sour cream, it brought out a tanginess I enjoyed, but the crumbs were too tender for my liking. For eating at home, it’s just fine. I suppose a search for a sturdier banana bread is now in progress.

Martha Stewart’s Banana Bread recipe.

Note: I used 2 cups of flour and a bit more mashed bananas than called for.


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