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After three weeks of furious activities undertaken largely by my mother and aunt*, I can officially say that I’ve moved and settled in London, England! I’ll be here for the next year as I pursue a postgraduate degree in Museum Studies. How exciting is that? Budget will be tight, sumptuous and over-indulgent restaurant meals will be few and far in between**, but I hope to make it up with picturesque snap shots of this exotic isle.

Coming up next? A report of our Montreal trip and all about Paris!


*I can’t thank my mother and aunt enough for all their help, shopping, and looking out for me. I’d probably be eating crisps if it weren’t for them.
**Leo will be visiting in the new year to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Will we go to Paris? Definitely. Berlin? Oslo? Prague? All of Europe will be close at hand, who knows. :)



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