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The fellowship of the brunch continues with Bristol Yard in the Annex. AKA British comfort food and some of the best home fries around:


In a city as culturally diverse as Toronto, I’m sometimes surprised that “brunch” bears such a homogeneous image in our minds and on menus: bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes, maybe some toast. But I get it, we owe brunch to the British (I wikipedia-ed), so it’s fitting to me that full breakfast is more or less a basis for what gets plated on the brunch table. Afterall, brunch is comfort food, best when left unadulterated – especially on weekend mornings when hazy-eyed comfort is the only order of business.

Meat and potatoes British food is the focus at Bristol Yard, there are beers on tap and roasts on Sundays, but we’re here for brunch. Our wait was moderate at about 20 minutes, considering how limited seating is and that our visit came days after they’d been voted NOW Magazine’s “Best of Toronto 2013” brunch category. We somehow resisted the urge to order the Full Monty, their version of the aforementioned full breakfast but still managed to leave with crowded stomachs. Here’s what we ate:

bristol yard bhh


  • The Glasgow, sausage and egg breakfast sandwich smothered in hangover-grade gravy
  • The Breakfast Pie, a bacon laced scotch egg in pie-crust
  • Eggs Maradona, steak and eggs topped with fresh chimichurri

If my descriptions seem overly curt, I should point out that everything was outstanding. The home fries that came on the side were a crisp golden brown without a hint of greasiness to them. The Maradona being a stand-out and the breakfast pie really being an anytime food as far as I’m concerned. Bonus: all orders start with your choice of tea or coffee.

Bristol Yard is located 2 minutes north of Christie Station (just beyond the Pits). Shout out to fellow brunch clubber Angelo for the above pie photo, follow his one-man ramen crusade on instagram okay?

The Bristol Yard
146 Christie St. | Facebook, Twitter

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  1. pyc #
    December 2, 2013

    you didn’t mention the amazing waiter. He makes the experience. I think it’s still him at least… the youngish, very very tall, british accent, black rim glasses with very light blonde hair.

    • Leo #
      December 2, 2013

      Yep, I think we had the same guy. He was great!

      • pyc #
        December 2, 2013

        He’s always there and he definitely “makes” the bristol yard experience. Never caught his name though.

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