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Classic run-on-breakfast fare at Aunties & Uncles, and that moment when you admit to yourself “I’m brunch people now”:

At some point in your mid-20s, you outgrow all-day breakfast from student dives that daylight as would-be greasy spoons and the chain restaurants that replaced true ones. So perhaps it’s the location between UofT and Sneaky Dee’s, that makes Aunties & Uncles something of a rite of passage for those about to brunch in Toronto. The kind of place that marks one’s graduation from person who “loooves all-day breakfast” to full-fledged brunch-person.

aunties and uncles bhh

Aunties & Uncles ONLY does breakfast, brunch and lunch – so don’t count on getting there after 3pm. We arrived early and rounded up an order of their more diner-y plates:

  • Cinnamon French toast, with poached pears (the fruit changes by season)
  • Breakfast Pocket, scrambled egg and peameal bacon sandwiched between focaccia buns
  • Aunties & Uncles Club, a chicken club on challah bread

Aside from my French toast falling on the dry side and needing the entire demitasse of maple syrup to revive, our meal was solid. This was also my first time trying the house potato salad, which may be the best ever – loaded with dill flavour, the perfect side for anyone with a large enough appetite to require one.

Bonus: there’s enough vintage Canadian kitsch on A&U’s walls to fodder a whole season of Vinyl Café. Note though, the child’s room décor is a bit of a misnomer as the tight seating (and long wait) is better suited to couples and smaller groups than toddler toters. Count on their patio to be packed come warmer months and a guaranteed 30+ minute wait year-round on weekends.

Instagram credit to Thisis_Angelo for the top two photos on the grid and for sharing that bacon.

Aunties & Uncles
47 Lippincott St. | Website

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