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The Sunday Roast is possibly one of the greatest English inventions after scones, The Beatles, and mulled wine.

Sunday Roast

At some point after emigrating to Canada, my mother started making a version of it on the weekend. It seemed very Canadian at the time. Roast chicken, usually rubbed with a Jamaican jerk spice, with potatoes, warm buttered corn (which I’m starting to believe is a distinctly Canadian thing we picked up), and garlic bread is something you can usually expect to find on any given Sunday. Like all our meals, it’s a mish mash of different cultures. Do you have a weekly meal tradition?

The above photos were from a lazy Sunday brunch as we took in the last light of the day at the Grafton (so approximately 12pm London time)

The Grafton
20 Prince of Wales Road, London | Website



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  1. January 31, 2014

    In my experience, food crosses all the borders. The potatoes look nicely crispy and the caramellized onion oozes a hint of sweetness. Looks flavoursome! Bring on Sunday!

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