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Visiting the British Museum is an overwhelming experience in and out of itself. At some point before or after your visit, you will most definitely need some caffeine. Avoid the mediocre museum stuff  and head outside. Here’s my top 3 recommendations for Bloomsbury.

Store Street Espresso
40 Store Street | Website
A mere 5 minutes away from the British Museum, Store Street Espresso exudes New York coolness and delivers the best cappuccino I’ve had in London thus far.  Their pastries can  be hit or miss; I’ve had some fantastic blondies from them, but subpar croissants and muffins.


Bloomsbury Coffee House
20 Tavistock Place | Website
A weekly joint for my classmates and me, on account of the student discount and the splendid homemade baked goods. There are quaintly mismatched furniture and plates and a lovely window herb garden that adds to the homeliness. The pumpkin pie is a must, if seen, grab it fast.


TAP Coffee, No. 114
114 Tottenham Court Road | Website
TAP Coffee is an indie chain with three locations all within a 15-20 minutes walk of each other. They roast their own beans and make very good sandwiches. The interior is pretty sleek.  (For those hailing from Toronto, TAP Coffee is the equivalent to Dark Horse Espresso Bar.)




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