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Checking in on an old favourite within a sprawling roster of breakfast outlets – Rose and Sons in the Annex:

Rose and Sons has been a darling in the brunch circuit since opening back in 2012 –  that circuit has grown considerably since, but judging by the lines, Rose hasn’t lost its foothold in the boom of haute-comfort spots.

If you prefer a lighter brunch fare, Rose might not be for you. No concessions found for the diet-conscious on a menu consisting of up-done diner foods and a focus on the meatier plates. The portions are compact in size but the richness of everything put us into an early afternoon lull. The tidy side streets of Dupont made for a nice walk along the foot of Casa Loma to stave off some calories, perfect way to cap off an indulgent brunch. What we ate:

  • bread pudding topped with wild blueberries and bacon
  • fried chicken on “sexy” grits and poached egg
  • griddled brie cornbread topped with brisket, fried egg, maple syrup, chili sauce

Once it warms up, we’ll be back to try Big Crow, their more recent backyard BBQ addition.

rose and sons bhh


The signage shot was from my Olympus XA. Instagram credit to Thisis_Angelo for the food shots on the grid above.

Rose & Sons
176 Dupont St. | Website

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  1. March 13, 2014

    This looks so good. I have a huge love for bread pudding, one of my favorite desserts!
    xx Tia

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