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Hello! As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve moved to a new blog (Three Hour Brunch Friend). If you haven’t taken a looksie yet, here’s what I’ve been up to. If you like want you see here, I hope you do come join me over at 3HBF for more! :)


I updated my brioche with bergamot essence recipe.


I made bostocks, using slices of stale brioches, which I then soaked in syrup, topped with almond cream and almonds, then baked.


Spiced granola with cardamom and nutmeg.


Japanese milk bread with silky soft crumbs.


Mouth puckery lime and fish sauce beer can chicken.


Rainbow carrots, all the way from Quebec, are roasted and served with frico (parmesan crisps) and a poached egg.

Recipes are all on Three Hour Brunch Friend!


The last time I baked was a few days before leaving for London. It was a banana bread, which was  moist, crumbly and falling apart. This Soda Bread, adapted from Paul Hollywood’s BBC Food recipe, is the opposite. It was dense, it was heavy, definitely the kind of thing  you could just eat on its own for a quick lunch. Next time I’ll probably have it with a poached egg for late breakfast though. I don’t feel comfortable posting the adapted recipe because I basically did it haphazardly. I halved the flour, I added coarse polenta, dried herbs and cracked pepper, and then threw it in the oven. It worked out beautifully.

Polenta Quick Bread

I hit a bureaucratic wall last week. Was on the phone a few hours a day to confirm and reconfirm details, filling out forms, etc, etc, etc…Then I caught a cold, and combined with my inability to fall asleep at night because of my coughing fits and day time naps, I feel like my brain sort of just went bonkers and the whole thing combined brought on some awful sleep paralysis. Yep, sleep paralysis. It’s surprisingly more common than I thought. Whew for my mental health and yikes…the human brain, am I right? Since there was nothing I could do about my situation, I baked a loaf of Banana Bread…and ate the stress away with good old-fashioned sugar, butter, and carbs. For courage.

Somewhere in this post there’s a bad pun to be made about going bananas, but I will leave that up to the witty pros.


Anyway! What’s your perfect slice of Banana Bread? I imagine a dark caramelized crust, moist and dense crumbs speckled with nuts and chocolate chips, with an intense banana essence throughout every bite. Like a pound cake, I want it to be hefty enough to last a trip in my bag…

The Martha Stewart recipe I used called for half a cup of sour cream, it brought out a tanginess I enjoyed, but the crumbs were too tender for my liking. For eating at home, it’s just fine. I suppose a search for a sturdier banana bread is now in progress.

Martha Stewart’s Banana Bread recipe.

Note: I used 2 cups of flour and a bit more mashed bananas than called for.