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I just got a roll of film developed at Happy Snaps, a London digital/print shop. I’m a bit disappointed by the weird dirt marks (??) on my photos, but otherwise, I like the colours, especially that pop of yellow in the first one. Definitely missing summer and Toronto right now…

EllasUncle EllasUncle2 EllasUncle3
Canon AE-1 | Kodak Portra 400


Out of the many ways to make iced coffee at home, my latest favourite is Kori Kohi, a Japanese-style iced coffee that uses frozen coffee cubes mixed with warm milk. Simply brew a few cups of your favourite coffee (also convenient if you need to use up fresh beans), let it cool down before freezing, and when you’re hankering for something cold, take out a few cubes and watch it slowly melt in milk.


Iced Mocha with Coffee Cubes from Honestly Yum
Kori Coffee Recipe from Pepper


These flowers, sprouted overnight, it seems, were ubiquitous on the streets and my Instagram feed! They’ve been fun to take snapshots of though.  The fuchsia bouquet is from Bent, the restaurant Susur Lee and his sons opened last year.


Warmer weather  means Leo’s DIY Backyard Fire Pit is back in operation! Tried Grand Electric for a second time, still unsure if it’s worth the wait and harried service.


I’m back to cappuccinos after craving creamier, lighter coffees.

While not necessarily a summer read, I’m in the middle of Middlemarch and I highly recommend it. Virginia Woolf said it’s one of the few English novels written for adults, which isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. It’s as easy to read as an Austen novel with loads of clever observations, but without the Mr. Darcys and a lot more despicable, petty humans.

There’s Tessa Kiros’ Recipes and Dreams from an Italian Life. I’ve already made her roast chicken and will get around to trying more recipes soon…right after drooling over all those luscious Rococco-esque photographs.