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Sun., May 12.


Our last morning in the Big Apple.

Whether it’s coffee beans, artisan jam from Brooklyn, or even hot sauce from Marlow & Daughters, we’ve always found something of New York to bring back with us. At our friend’s recommendation, we each got a baker’s dozen of Murray’s Bagels before leaving. (They’re pricier than I would have liked, but hey, when you want the best…am I, right?) They’re bigger, fluffier than Montreal bagels, which means the only way to eat them is to over-stuff them with cream cheese and everything else. No, really. You gotta have the right ratio of bread and filling. (Side note: when at Murray’s, one does not get bagels toasted. You just don’t.)

After Murray’s, we stopped at Doughnut Plant for a pistachio cake doughnut to complete our breakfast trio of coffee, carbs and sugar.


doughnut plant

bhh blog cafe grumpy + donut

BACK AT HOME…Murray’s Bagels freeze pretty well. I had them for a week afterwards. Ahhhh…New York, New York.


Murray’s Bagels in Chelsea
Website | 242 8th Ave, Manhattan

Doughnut Plant – Chelsea Hotel
Website | 220 West 23rd Street, Manhattan



There’s a wait. There’s always a wait. But we’re in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, by the waterfront, and happily waiting in front of a used bookstore for our turn to reach the hostess at Pok Pok. After half an hour we’re inside, elbow to elbow with other guests, our bodies ready for beer and Northern Thai food specialties.

Bring on the sweet and sticky chicken wings, Ike’s Fish Sauce Wings, with a side of chili paste. Then the Kung Op Wun Sen, four large prawns, minced pork belly cooked and simmered with mung bean noodles in a clay pot; it tastes smoky, peppery, there’s soy sauce for sure and other ingredients we can’t place. The best parts are the prawns and the noodles that have crisped up at the bottom, its savoury sauce calls for a side of sticky rice. The Muu Kham Waan arrives shortly after. It’s slivers of pork neck marinated in a spicy rub, very pretty, very tender, oddly delicate, the heat builds up over time and can only be offset by the chilled mustard greens and cold beer. But my favourite is the Hoi Thawt, crispy, egg crepes with steamed mussels and served with Shark Sriracha sauce.

Assuming you’re visiting New York and you’re in Brooklyn, it’s well worth a trip and the queue – until Andy Ricker brings his now-iconic Pok Pok empire to Toronto anyways, could happen right??


bhh blog pok pok hoi thawt

Pok Pok NY
127 Columbia Street | Website