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If you find the charcoal grill much too tame and domesticated to bring you back to your deepest of primal memory, back when no microwaves could be found and we still made the most base of wines, consider cooking over an open fire. Perhaps the greatest gastronomical discovery, there’s an inimitable sense of danger over seeing real life flames grow tall, scarily tall, and lap over the measly barrier you created out of bricks. There’s the crackle of burning wood, the smell and taste that just envelopes everything you make, and the warmth that begins to radiate through as the sun sets and the evening air settles over. If you don’t have the luxury of a cottage or don’t like camping, this can be easily created in your own backyard without fear of causing a forest fire or sleeping on hard ground.

Don’t worry Torontonians, it’s most definitely legal.

Resources: DIY techno firepit, DIY banjo firepit

The possibilities seem endless. Once September rolls in, you can bet we’re going to have a pot of soup set up, and maybe some hot chocolate after the first snow fall…