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It’s been a while, but I finally got a roll of film developed. I decided to take my chances and push my 800 film by one stop, which, for those wondering, means it was developed at 1200 instead of 800. (Oh man, I hope I got that correct. I think that’s what it means.) The shadows are bit washed out, the grains are very noticeable, but I like the contrast. The highlights on these shots are way overblown, as expected, but I can live with that. I have better results in other interior shots. More to come!

Also, cool story: Leo sat back to back with Sook Yin Lee, that’s her on the bottom left corner.

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Canon AE-1 | Fuji Pro 800z, pushed +1

Also, if you’re wondering, I got this film developed and scanned at Toronto Image Works.

Café Pamenar
307 Augusta Avenue (Kensington Market) | Yelp

Olive & Gourmando is always busy. It’s going to get even busier now that it’s been listed in Maclean’s controversial 50 best restaurants in Canada. We went there last summer for breakfast and found ourselves back again for the pastries after needing an escape from the heat. Iced coffee, a lemonade (or was it sweet iced tea?), an oddly shaped almond croissant, and the perfect chocolate chip cookie (thin, crisp, moist and slightly chewy).

Pictures from last year’s visit are here.