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A little while back – actually, that’s a lie, a long time back, as in a year ago –  Leo and I were in Paris having a blast. Coutume café was conveniently located between our hotel and the Musée D’Orsay. We happily made two trips to the café during our short time. If you are visiting the neighbourhood (7th arrondissement), I do recommend you pop by for your caffeine fix. Trust me, it will be better than the corner café and bitter sludge they serve in brasseries. And bonus, they do café à emporter (coffee to go)!

Le Coutume Café
47 Rue de Babylone | Paris


O, the wonderful life of a graduate student! Guess who jettisoned to Amsterdam for a quick research trip on Wednesday. The life. I am definitely going to miss this when I go back home in a few months.

Not part of the research were my visits to some wonderful cafes (not coffee shops as those are entirely different things in Amsterdam). My favourite was Espressofabriek in Westerpark. They kindly made me a single serving of Chemex pour over coffee. The classic Dutch apple pie is not to be missed.


In full declaration of my total ignorance about Amsterdam, I have to admit that I was so surprised by how beautiful the city was. I always thought it would be seedy on the account of the Red Light District and the “coffee shops”, but it wasn’t at all. More photos to come!

Pazzanistraat 39, Amsterdam | Twitter