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How do you doughnut? The sprinkly, North American kind? The berliner stuffed with jelly or custard? Maybe the deep fried bits rolled in icing sugar and caramel sauce?

From left to right:
1) Homer’s Fav from the Camden Cake cart in Camden Market.
2) Custard filled berliner from The Fields Beneath.
3) Gooey salted caramel bits topped with pecan from You Doughnut.

We didn’t go to Montreal in search of Russian doughnuts, but that’s exactly what we found on a weekend dedicated to joie de vivre in the City of Saints. Chez Boris is a newly opened café that specializes in freshly made Ponchiki and beignwiches (donut sandwiches) in both savoury and ice cream versions. At home between the Plateau Mont-Royal and Outremont neighbourhoods, the roomy windowed space is adorned with an easy mix of bohemian and proletarian frills. Communal tables, a used books and boardgames library, plenty of mismatched wooden chairs and free wifi all make for very inviting visits – as if the smell of piping hot doughnuts and coffee weren’t enough. The doughnuts come in a changing array of flavours and the aforementioned ice cream sandwiches are served with good old Chapman’s. We went with pumpkin spice and sugar doughnuts, our ice cream beignwich came with a warm strawberry compote. Best of all, Boris’ doughnuts are made to order and go for a mere 75 cents!

Chez Boris
5151 Avenue du Parc | Website | Yelp

With the term doughnut liberally applied these days, the sheer range of fried dough available in Toronto kinda runs the gamut. We’re a city that supports more Tim Hortons than public libraries afterall. With Glory Hole Doughnuts set to bring their impressive fried chicken and waffle toroidals to the masses – with all due fanfare, we thought we’d take the opportunity to catch up with some of the establishments quietly serving our favourites old and new. – BHH

– O –

Nova Era Bakery

Nova Era Bakery opened its first location on Dundas West in 1991 and now has 9 bustling storefronts across southern Ontario. In addition to their expansive line of Portuguese baked goods, they also serve these whopper sized malasadas on the regular. The sugary coated crunch is offset nicely by creamy custard filling, although they’re available without filling as well. I think they have a case for a 10th location. $1.50 each.

Nova Era Bakery
1172 Dundas Street West | Website



This is our first post in the series so in the interest of contrast, here we have 7-Eleven’s… interpretation. Glazed and larded a la Kwik-E-Mart. 2 for $1.

canon ae-1 | black’s 400